By ALTO - October 30, 2017

[Burlington, NC, September 2017]

Dreams are like balloons and vice versa.
A balloon is full of air - nothing visible in the eyes of others - usually tied up or connected to something, someone.

This particular Balloon Plant was occasionally found outside Occasions, a southern restaurant in Burlington, NC, flying its colorful balloons full of hope.

And apparently, the plant dreamed or felt like floating or flying around but the plant was static inside a pot in that corner.

When I approached the plant to learn more about this particular connection, the plant kindly inquired me about not being able to fly or float as it was expected.

Probably, the plant did not have enough balloons or the place, the immobility, the fear, etc. "The wind has attempted to take some of its balloons," the plant confessed. Or you did not let yourself go because you were afraid or felt unsafe, I remarked confidently.

"My colorful balloons are nice, don't you think?" They are, indeed. However, not everyone is paying attention to your balloons. You might need to do something else, Add more balloons. I suggested.

"If I fail... I am a plant!" the plant responded.

That is just a label, I added. Dare to imagine you might become something or someone different.

There is always a feature or two; a perspective; a vision which prevents us to see beyond or find inspiration to fulfill our dream(s) and move forward.

Being a plant might not take you anywhere. Some say and it might be true.

A seed started the woods. Right?

Adapt, I said. Grow more seeds, break from your roots, switch to another pot. Work hard, engage, explore, be proactive, for instance. 
Think differently. Dream big!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world...

[Words and Photography by Alfonso A Tobar]

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